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The lie of the impenetrable woman (and a giveaway for all you wonderfully imperfect women)

She cooks dinner every night in flawlessly applied makeup. She makes passionate love to her significant other and has enough energy to get up a clean the bathroom. Her house? Spotless. Her home decor? The envy of the neighborhood. Every flower in her garden blooms right on time, and every organic vegetable plant produces and abundance. Her children? Angelic geniuses. Her homeschool lesson plans? Fantastic! Her butt? Hard enough to crack a walnut.

She is the woman. The myth. The legion.

She is also an absolute, complete fantasy. Sometimes we get so caught up looking at the blogs of others, or scrolling the social media photos to giveaway hearts and likes that we forget the reality.

No one on the internet is exactly what they

seem to be. Bloggers edit and re-edit their lives, so it sounds great. Instagram-lovers have selfie-rings that give off just the right light. The foodies with the fantastic dishes they make every night probably have a ring of grim around their tub. No one, and I mean no one, can have it all together all of the time. It's impossible.

It's also totally OK.

It is entirely natural to live your life in seasons. Sometimes the meals will be rocking, and you need to focus on your homeschool lessons. You may find at times the kids are doing great, but your love life needs a pick-me-up. Maybe the house is clean, but the mind is cluttered.

So I grant you permission to let go of the myth. The impenetrable woman is a stereotype image of yesterday that we still lay on ourselves. Let it go. Let it flow. Enjoy your seasons--good, bad, and in between. Why? Because you are the stuff of legion!

Yolanda Newton

mom, wife, daughter, home educator, businesswoman, author, and mostly imperfect

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