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Spread Knowledge and Inspire Students to "Lift Every Voice And Sing"

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The song, "Lift Every Voice and Sing", has an important message for modern students. It was written by James Weldon Johnson in 1900 during the segregation era with the hope that all Americans would come together as one. The poem provides insight into what life was like for many people during that time period. This song has profound meaning not only to African Americans but also to our entire country. Studying this song can provide valuable social and literary lessons that can benefit all students.

The song has a deep historical significance. It is a great addition to add to unit lessons about slavery, the Civil War, segregation, President Lincoln's birthday, or the Civil Rights Movement. It has been sung an important points during American History.

A souvenir version of Augusta Savage's 1939 sculpture The Harp, which was inspired by "Lift Every Voice and Sing." 1939 World's Fair Committee
A souvenir version of Augusta Savage's 1939 sculpture The Harp, which was inspired by "Lift Every Voice and Sing." 1939 World's Fair Committee

It is also an example of a living primary source document. The ability to understand and analyze primary source documents is very helpful in developing a student into a critically thinking adult. This song provides us with a unique opportunity to learn more about America’s history through its music. This is a living source because it is currently used and sung, with new meanings given to the words throughout the years.

This song was originally a poem written in 1900. It is full of poetic language, imagery, and words that might not be familiar to students. Studying the lyrics provide students an opportunity to apply analytical skills to understanding something that might be a bit out of context for them.

The song is also is a link between the past and the present. It is important that the generation of tomorrow does not forget the lessons learned from the generations of yesteryear. The song can help teach students about history by showing how people have changed over time. Students will learn more about their own culture through this song than they would if they were just reading or listening to someone else's story. The importance of the lyrics isn't bound to a particular race--it holds the ability to teach and inspire across any boundaries.

This anthem, "Lift Every Voice and Sing" provides a valuable opportunity to help students sharpen analytical skills, teach students about the past, and inspire them with hope for a better future.


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