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Let's Talk Resilience: it is elastic

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Being elastic is related to resilience--and I LOVE this connection.

Because being elastic is MORE than being "capable of recovering size and shape after deformation"... it's about the ENERGY with which you do it!

So if you want your kid to build resilience, you HAVE to do more than tell them to get up when they fall.

- Yolanda Newton, author of I'm Resilient.

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TODAY's bonus assignment: Grab something with some elastic in it-- a rubber band (be careful) or some underwear (if you want a giggle). Also, get something non-elastic. I suggest a soda can or water bottle playdough. Ask your kid to stretch each and then return it immediately to as close to the original shape as possible. Ask them for their observations. Try to hit on these key points:

  • Which was easier to return to its original form?

  • Why was one easier than the other?

  • If you want to succeed after facing a setback, which would it be better to be like? If you have a dramatic kid, say a "crushing defeat," so the connection will be more obvious. If not, use phrases like "put under pressure".

  • How can they build an ability to "return" to a positive state when they are under pressure.


We also will have some INTERACTIVE ASSIGNMENTS and CONTESTS planned. So make sure you're following this page.

>>> Also, don't forget to grab your pre-launch copy of I'm Resilient @

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