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Humanities Heroes Introduction

I remember my first college classes. One in particular class I recall was a Social Sciences class. The class was held in a repurposed movie theater.

And it was pack wall-to-wall with freshman and sophomores. The professor's two assistants handed out complex syllabi. At the same time, he rambled on introductions to the course, the rules, a crazy schedule, and even mentioned that students would have to present papers.

Week one was a trial by fire. I have been through college-prep courses and entered with tons of college credits I'd earned through advanced courses in high school. I still wasn't 100% ready.

As an educator today, one of my main objectives to set students up for success outside of school. I do it by helping prepare them today for what our changing world will throw at them.

That's why I created Humanities Heroes--a series of intensive courses that provides a rigorous presentation of Humanities topics designed to prepare students for college-level requirements.

In future posts, I'll get more into the semantics of the program--but today is an introduction!


  1. Each Humanities Heroes course is about six to seven weeks long.

  2. Each course is multi-disciplinary! However, everyone will touch on Literary Analysis, History, and Social Science.

  3. Each course counts as at least two classes! That's right--one Humanities Heroes course replaces two subject areas!

  4. Students can take the courses in any order.

  5. There are two tracks--"Classic" and "New Age".

Below is the announced schedule for 2021-2022

August- September

Classic Track: Shakespeare's Julius Caesar; Ancient Rome; Presentation Practice

New Age: Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451; Government Types; Presentation Practice

October- November

Classic Track: Shakespeare's Hamlet; Medieval Europe; Presentation Practice, Composition Practice

New Age: Butler's Parable of the Sower; Dystopian Fiction; Presentation Practice, Composition Practice

December- January

Classic Track: Beowulf; Classic fairytales; Group Presentation Practice, Composition Practice

New Age: Harrison's Make Room! Make Room!; Sociology; Group Presentation Practice, Composition Practice

February- March

Classic Track: Homer's The Odyssey; Ancient Greece; Group Presentation Practice, Composition Practice

New Age: Pfeffer's Life As We Know It; Modern History; Group Presentation Practice, Composition Practice

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