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Homeschool Q & A: maybe your questions have been answered?

Maybe you've had some questions about homeschool? Well, maybe I've answered it in one of my recent Q & A sessions. Check them out below to see if your question has been answered.

Just look in the menu below above each video to see what topics are addressed in it. Click the question to see at what time stamp the information can be found--it's that simple!

If you don't see your question addressed here, feel free to send it into me on our contact page, or send me a message on Facebook. I'll answer it in an upcoming Q & A session OR live on Facebook!

Find the answers to these questions on the video below:

  • Does Education Revolution and the Simple Revolution Solution meet Florida's state statutes? Time stamp 1:01

  • Can a parent really work full time and homeschool? Time stamp 11:46

  • Does a student in the Simple Revolution Solution have to make all the live lessons? Time stamp 2:00

  • How many sessions of tutoring are included with Simple Revolution Solution? Time stamp 2:00

  • What does a parent need to provide to sign their student up with Education Revolution/Simple Revolution Solution? Time stamp 8:47

  • Is it enough for a student to just have exposure to content, using a non-structured approach (relaxed homeschooling), at a young age? Time stamp 20:20

  • If we start with the relaxed homeschooling approach and we find out part of the way through we want to try FLVS, will be available to us? Time stamp 22:37

  • What if we start FLVS but don't like it can we stop? Time stamp 26:18

  • Does the Simple Revolution Solution offer courses à la carte, or do we have to take all the courses if we sign up? Time stamp 30:06

  • What if you are working with a student and suspect dyslexia? Time stamp 32:33

  • Are there any other programs out there just like FLVS FLEX? Time stamp 33:50

  • Are there subjects you "must-have" for a kid who might be college bound? Time stamp 36:32

  • Suggestions on used curriculum? Time stamp 43:52 and 49:22

  • Are social studies for elementary kids very different from year to year? Time stamp 52:33

  • Is FLVS FLEX based on Common Core? Are there test? Assignments? Time stamp 55:16

  • What do you think about sites like ABC Mouse,  Starfalls, ect.? Time stamp 1:03:33

Find the answers to these questions on the video below:

  • Advice requested from a parent of a student in need of exceptional services looking to transition to homeschool/Education Revolution. Time Stamp 1:40

  • How does the Simple Revolution Solution look different next year from this year? Time Stamp 13:13

  • What do you mean when you say that students in the Simple Revolution Solution are grouped by ability, not by grade? Time Stamp 24:07

  • What advice do you have for a home educator whose young students give up quickly when reading work becomes difficult or shows little interest in mastering the skill of reading? Time Stamp 27:09

  • Let's talk about students with 504 Plans Simple Revolution Solution. Time Stamp 35:55

  • If a student (young) who is homeschooled is not given standardized tests but re-entered the public school will it be a check against them? Time Stamp 38:10

  • When selecting a curriculum, how do I ensure that I am covering the material that students of the same grade-level are expected to cover? Time Stamp 40:29

  • Are there any other subjects outside of the core curriculum that should be covered? Time Stamp 41:39

  • Scenario: A student is taking a combination of FLVS FLEX and The Simple Revolution Solution--will they be required to have assessments? Will these programs produce enough data and records to show that a student is ready to move forward academically? Time Stamp 43:13

  • What does attendance taking look like with Education Revolution? How many days are in a school year? How many hours are in a school day? What counts as a school day? What is the "start" and "end" of a kid's school year? How is attendance taken? Time Stamp 44:47

  • Does Education Revolution organize field trips and meet-ups? Time Stamp 47:56

  • Can a parent that works nights successfully homeschool? Time Stamp 50:07

  • What is your response to people who say homeschoolers are not socialized? Time Stamp 55:39

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