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5 Days To A Stress-Free Curriculum Choice

Are you feeling the stress of trying to select the right curriculum for your family?

Recently I was speaking with a fellow home educator whose current curriculum wasn't working. It had come to her highly recommended, and even though it was everything she was told, it wasn’t right for her. Now she was facing the stress of diving back into the maddening world of homeschool curriculum to find something new. She also had to face spending money again to purchase new materials.

This left me feeling horrible. Both as a home educator, and a professional educator with over 15 years of experience, I felt her pain. It especially stung because I knew what mistake she had made when selecting the curriculum. I have been able to avoid bouncing around in curriculum choices myself, and have been helping fellow educators for the last three years to do the same!

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed as you research the 1000s of curriculums on the market today? Do you jump from Facebook group to Facebook group, blog to blog, asking for advice about “the best” curriculums? Are you pouring hours into trying to find the curriculum that will work for your family?

We have created this FREE 5-Day, 5-Step challenge (​CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP NOW) that will help you cut down the time and the stress in the curriculum selection process!

This guide is for you if you are:

  • seeking a curriculum to use at home

  • feel overwhelmed by the number of curriculum choices on the market

  • want to avoid spending money on curriculum that won’t work for you

If you’re ready to stop stressing and spending endless hours trying to find the right curriculum then sign up for our free email series “5 Days To A Stress-Free Curriculum Choice.”

Over five days this 5 step guide will help you learn about yourself and your student and show you how to eliminate 100s of curriculum that would not work for your family in a quick amount of time. When you sign up, you'll also be invited to a private group where you can get live answers to your questions, and be a part of a group going through the same process as you. You will be provided practice guidance and resources to help you pinpoint your exact needs. At the end of the five days you will have drilled down to a handful of curriculums that would work for your family, your goals, and your budget--all while skipping the stress.

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