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Our Umbrella School

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Education Revolution provides a wide variety of services ​to support and assist the homeschool community.

In the state of Florida, Education Revolution runs a private school, registered with the Florida Department of Education. Our school number is 8600. 

Students registered with us are able to follow the curriculum choice selected by their home educator. They get to form their own schedule and set their own pace. However, they benefit from the added of being part of a community that is focused on the needs of homeschoolers, more flexible requirements, and more. 

Y, Newton

Y. Newton, Director

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I love Education Revolution!!!! Yolanda is the best, she knows what she is doing! She makes you feel at ease every step of the way, she helps you no matter what curriculum you decide to do for your child. She takes time out for questions and concerns and never makes you feel like she is to busy to help. She has even help me with research and made great suggestions to aid us in our homeschooling adventures! Thank you so much Yolanda! 

Sheena S.

Umbrella School client, Simple Revolution Solution

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