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Appointment options

You have two options to complete your homeschool evaluation: virtually. 

Virtual evaluations are held either via phone or Zoom year-round. The cost is $25 per student.

What to bring

Bring examples of your student's work or reports from websites like FLVS, K12, or other website subscriptions that you think to showcase how your student did. You can also bring pictures or any other artifacts that you'd like to include. Please plan, if appropriate for your student's age and abilities, for them to participate. Remember, this isn't a test, quiz, or evaluation of the student. They won't be asked to prove what they've learned or assessed in any way. They are asked questions like what they enjoyed best during the school year, and what they want to learn or do in the upcoming year. In the past, students have shown us, models they build, stop-motion movies they made, pictures they drew, or just talk about things they loved for the year, their least favorite subject, or what they want to learn next year. 

Make an appointment

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