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How To Legally Homeschool In Florida

There are basically four options for home-based education in Florida. Home educators should weigh the positives and negatives of each, and pick the one that works best for their family. 

Students may enroll in an “umbrella” or “600” private school

An umbrella school, sometimes known as a “600” school, is non–campus-based private school. Students are allowed to work at home under the tutelage of parents or some other home educator. Since private schools can select their own curriculum, many choose to let the power remain in the hands of the home educator (parent). Private schools are also not required to administer assessments or tests, or keep curriculum logs or portfolios. Education Revolution provides an umbrella option and is registered as an official private school with the Florida Department of Education.


Students can work with a private tutor

A parent/guardian may also select to hire a private tutor for his or her child. The tutor assumes responsibility for working with the student on curriculum and providing required documentation to the Department of Education.


Students can register as home-schooled with the local district 

A parent/guardian can establish a home-education program by registering with their local school district. The state of Florida requires an annual submission by the home educator to continue a home-education program. Two submission options include a portfolio review conducted by a certified teacher or completion of a norm-reference test. Education Revolution offers both of these services.


Students can enroll in a virtual school

A student can also enroll full-time in a virtual school like FLVS. These schools have their own curriculum and testing requirements. Students who register with FLVS Fulltime not home schooled but are rather students who take classes at home--this is because the student must meet all the same class, testing, pacing, and other requirements that their brick-and-mortar counterparts do. Some umbrella schools affiliate with virtual schools, like FLVS, thereby allowing students the option to take classes of interest. This program is called FLVS FLEX. It does not hold the same requirements as FLVS Fulltime and is more flexible. Education Revolution is affiliated with FLVS; students enrolled in our umbrella school can FLVS FLEX classes.

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