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Welcome to Education Revolution

Welcome to Education Revolution! This unique business was designed to provide all students, especially those on non-traditional education paths, with high-quality educational experiences. We do this by providing services including creative classes, consultation, evaluation, unique curriculum for students--no matter where they are located. We also a private school for homeschoolers in Florida.

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Yolanda Newton is one of the speakers at this year's Multi-Ethnic Homeschool Moms Conference with a session all about having a stress-free portfolio. 

This amazing event boasts a lot to offer including over 50 speeches/workshops, lifetime access, and an amazing swag bag!

Early-bird registration is $20

Regular registration is $40

Grab your ticket now! 

Yolanda I just want to thank you for all your hard work! Thank you for the many suggestions you have given me. I love how you suggested the audio book with a hard copy book. My daughter went through her fist book reading by herself and she loved it. She wrote a small book report for the first time and asked for more! I'm really happy to see how she is turning around this year. Thank you!

Jackie V.

Assessment client, Umbrella School client